"The story of WooWoo Laboratory begins with the first time I remember hating my body. I was 10."

AGE 10

I'm quitting competitive gymnastics. I suspect it's the reason a magazine categorized my body type as, "Athletic." Legs too strong, shoulders too wide, hips too narrow, chest too flat. New hobby! Make myself appear smaller.  Shrink. Occupy less space.

AGE 12

Steal a dull razor from my mother’s shower. Forget the soap. A trail of small nicks up my shins. A thick white scar on my ankle, still. 

AGE 13

Summer. Walking for ice-cream. Cat-calls, whistles, honking horns. I understand the currency of this body.

AGE 14

Dear God, it’s me, with red stains on my underwear. Sweatshirt tied around my waist, just in case.  A lifetime sentence of shame and repulsion.

AGE 16

Bad cramps. Paper gown. Cold metal. No, no eye contact. A barely legible prescription in my tight fist for 21 tiny white pills and painkillers. More shame. It’s women’s lib don’t you know?

AGE 17-23

A series of "insignificant" sexual assaults. A series of rationalizations about why it was my fault. Fill my make-up bag, medicine cabinet, underwear drawer with things to make my body less wrong. Myself, more lovable.

And so it goes, a few decades of shame and programming teaching me everything I needed to know to be alienated from my body. Except then I woke up. And maybe you have to.  There was no definitive point, just a slow unraveling of the old narrative and new proof that we’re not ugly, we’re magic. 


Our cycle is the cycle of the moon. Our energy flows with the seasons. Call it woo woo, but we search for connection with crystals, astrology, herbs, and tinctures because they are rocks, stardust, and plants and something keeps calling us back to the earth. 

I lost my period for 18 months and when it returned, it was on the night of the full moon. They say a full-moon cycle is the cycle of a wise woman, and a healer. On that night, my breasts are sore, swollen. I make an infusion of common herbs and warm jojoba oil. I perform a simple breast massage. I feel connected to my body, the plants, and the universe. It feels new but also familiar. It feels like healing and it feels like coming home. 

What if women, once reminded of our divine connectedness to the seasons and cycles of nature, can be well, can heal, and reclaim our magic? The result is WooWoo Laboratory. That first breast massage oil formula became the base of 3B Body Oil today, and that feeling of embodiment and connectedness is the ethos behind every product that we make. 


This is a story about unlearning all the things I thought I knew about myself. Maybe this is your story too.


Safe, natural, hand-blended wellness products to adorn and empower by reconnecting women to the cycles and rhythms of nature.


Whatever the past challenges, insults and shame your body has endured you can come home to it, and it will begin to feel like a safe place to live again. We believe in your healing, we believe in young girls growing up with plants as allies to their bodies connected, self-assured, shameless.


We are proud to be included in the clean beauty industry. As the industry has grown, we believe there has been a missed an opportunity to dismantle the misogynistic, narrow standards of womanhood that we’ve been grappling with for decades. Too many clean beauty brands are duplicating mainstream ones in everything but the toxic ingredients. That's not good enough.

WooWoo Laboratory is not in the business of marketing our products to treat "skin imperfections," or "fine lines" or any other cutesy term we use to hate our bodies. We won't imbue the body with shame or shy away from its burden either. 

We believe that wellness is for everyone, but we know that those that bear the brunt of health and wellness disparities are low-income women of colour and our LGBTQ peers. WooWoo for Womxn is our commitment to supporting organizations doing important work in this space. Check back soon to see which organizations we're supporting this year.

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