7 Days of Period Self-Care

So we’ve talked about cycle syncing with the moon to maximize the power of your hormones and energy levels. Energetically, the bleeding phase of our cycle is a time to slow down, tune-in and focus on self-care. Yep, Period Self-Care.

The Days Leading up to your period:

What you may be feeling… Sore Boobs.

Premenstrual breast swelling or soreness can range in severity from a slight heaviness or ache to severe, swollen and fibrocystic lumps in the tissue. For most, this uncomfortable symptom often peaks just before menstruation begins and is typically a result of rising progesterone production causing the milk glands to swell (whether you’re lactating or not).

How To Take Care:

Keep swelling under control by avoiding caffeine and high salt foods and relieve sore breast tissue with a restorative breast massage. Breast Care Concentrate is designed to nourish dense, sore, and fibrocystic breasts by boosting circulation, and moving toxins and excess estrogen out of breast tissue. Note: If you’re breastfeeding, 3B Body Oil is an excellent alternative. It's infused with similar herbs to move toxins and lymph out of breast tissue. Download detailed directions on how to massage your lady lumps here.

Bleeding Phase. Days 1-2:

What you might be feeling… Sluggish, Introverted, Cramping.

On the first days of your period, energy levels can plummet while emotions can run high. Aim to be kinder, slower, and gentler on yourself these days. It also doesn’t help matters that during the first days of our cycle, many of us experience moderate cramping and back-pain while the lining of their uterus begins to shed.

How To Take Care:

A warm bath or shower followed by an anti-inflammatory Turmeric Tonic can be just the ticket to support you. New Moon Ritual Bath Soak is a restorative bath powder that includes Clary Sage botanical oil, to support menstrual symptoms. It's just a bonus if you’re cycle synced with the New Moon! As for cramping, a simple abdominal massage with the Womb Stick can help relieve tension and tight tummy muscles. The massage stick’s natural analgesics of Arnica, Sweet Marjoram Oil, Clary Sage and German Chamomile can stop abdominal spasms in their tracks, and the handy 1 oz. size lets you tuck it into your bag to use throughout the day.

Bleeding Phase. Mid-Cycle Days 3-4:

What you might be feeling… A little like the Ugly Duckling.

Your cramps are likely gone and your flow has probably lightened a little. But let's be real, fluctuating hormone levels have done a number on your self-esteem and your skin is feeling less than glowy.

How To Take Care:

Girl you're gorgeous and you can beat blah moods with a little gentle movement and exercise. Walking, yoga, or light cardio help the body produce endorphins (“feel-good hormones”) to reduce anxiety, depression and improve your mood. Hormonal oil production has also spiked during your period so a gentle and exfoliating cleanser or mask using Plant Powder Cleanser followed by a hydrating Facial Serum can get you back on track.

Bleeding Phase. Days 5-7:

What you might be feeling... Dry, down there.

Speaking of fluctuating hormone levels, estrogen, the hormone which usually keeps the tissues of the vagina lubricated and healthy has dropped during your cycle and this can leave your vaginal tissue feeling a bit parched. Not to mention the irritation and inflammation that some synthetic tampons and pads can cause.

How To Take Care:

Support healthy hormone production by filling up on high quality fats like avocados, coconut oil and whole eggs. Dab a few drops of ConSensual Anointing Oil between the labia to restore moisture and help you feel a bit more comfortable. Better yet, really go for it and use it as a personal lubricant -- studies show that orgasm during your period may help relieve cramps, body aches and bad moods!

Day 7+

What you might be feeling... Depleted.

During your bleeding, you lost iron, zinc and magnesium and probably rode the wave of emotions. It's natural to still feel a little out of sorts.

How to Take Care:

Use this time to focus on replenishing your minerals with your diet and rebalancing your vaginal health (especially if you’ve been using conventional tampons). Try our Remineralizing Skin Stone and our gentle, rebalancing Yoni Bathing Tisane followed by an early bedtime.

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