Getting Handsy: 5 Steps For A Healthy Breast Massage Routine

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It’s not uncommon for women to take better care of our hair and nails then we do our breasts.

The chest is a site of energy, nourishment and even stores our emotions. I mean, have you ever clutched at your chest during a particularly moving scene in a film? We don't give our breasts enough *positive* attention but caring for your lady lumps can be as simple as incorporating a weekly breast massage into your beauty routine. It's why we created 3B Body Oil in the first place.

Why is breast massage so important? Because dozens of lymph vessels and nodes can be found near the breastbone and armpits. The lymph system doesn't get a lot of attention but it's a pretty big deal. It manages the body's elimination of toxins and excess fluid by filtering, processing and carrying clean lymphatic fluid throughout the body. And when this fluid becomes stagnant or builds up, we're at increased risk for toxin build up resulting in illness, inflammation, swelling or fluid retention. The lymphatic system is a circulatory system like our blood circulatory system, but whereas blood is moved through the body by a pumping heart, lymph needs to be circulated by simple muscle contractions or manual pressure. In other words, we can take matters into our own hands, literally.

A breast massage routine stimulates the drainage of toxins and stagnant lymph in the armpit and breast tissue, eases sore and tender breasts, (especially helpful during our menstrual cycle, or pregnancy) and allows new, nutrient rich blood to reach breast tissue. This is also beneficial since our breasts are compressed in a bra for the majority of the day. So, for painful, swollen or fibrocystic breasts, a lymph moving breast massage is crucial. And even if you aren't experiencing any acute swelling or tenderness, breast massage gives us an opportunity to slow down, connect with our bodies and helps us become more familiar with our breasts so that were better able to identify changes in them that could indicate a greater concern.

Our 3B Body Oil is designed as a massage oil to encourage manual manipulation of body and breast tissue. And in addition to being deeply hydrating and lightweight, we include botanical extracts and essential oils that are known to nourish breast tissue, assist in lymphatic drainage and boost circulation.

Are you ready to try your hands at self breast massage? Download our How-To Guide for Self Breast Massage to get started!

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