Harnessing #GoddessEnergy Through the Power of Crystal Grids

Guest contribution from Shelby Avann - Reiki Master

Did you know that there are certain crystals that resonate with the Divine Feminine - Her cycles and Her power? Every person has a Goddess inside of them and you can use certain crystals in a crystal grid to help call upon those energies inside you.

What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is grouping of organized crystals that focuses an intention that you have. It harnesses the vibration and properties of the crystals and the shape - or grid - that they are placed in, helps to magnify the intention and bring it to fruition.

simple crystal grid layout

Get Started

Think of what you want your grid to represent. Today, it will be about stepping into your inner Goddess.

Choose Your Crystals

Select crystals aligned with your intentions (what you want to call in). The crystals I would suggest for our Goddess Energy grid include:

Moonstone: The stone of the feminine, the Goddess. It emits gentle energy, helping to soothe emotions and assisting in the balancing of cycles in life and in regards to hormones. It assists one in looking inward and finding what they have felt that they have been missing which has always been within their own body. It helps with cultivating patience and trusting in divine timing.

Aquamarine: The stone of the sea, of the Mermaid. In folklore it is said that it may bring eternal youth and happiness and was used as a sailor’s talisman for good luck. It assists in communication and clarity and tuning in to your highest truth and your inner wisdom of the Goddess. A stone of empowerment.

Rose Quartz: The stone of love. In order to reach your inner Goddess and truly embody Her, you must love yourself. Truly love yourself, know that you are worthy. This crystal helps to link one’s heart to the heart of the universe. It helps to bathe the body and soul in love. Assists with healing of the heart and in doing so, allowing one to give and receive love more freely.

Clear Quartz: The most abundant and powerful crystal. This crystal has amazing history across the globe. It is a stone that can be “programmed” for any intention and assists in amplifying those intentions, especially in a grid. Overall this stone is good for bringing clarity as well as assisting in communication with your Higher Power and guides. One thing to note with clear quartz is that is has to be cleared relatively often due to its nature of easy programmability. It easily takes on “psychic debris.” Before adding this stone to your grid make sure that you have either left it in the sun, the light of the moon or beside a selenite crystal for a few days.

Left to right: Soulmate quartz, clear quartz point, selenite

If there is a crystal that you are intuitively being pulled to and want to add it to your Goddess grid, please do so. Your intuition knows exactly what you need!

Choose Your Layout 

Once you've selected your crystals, you'll want to choose the layout they'll appear in. Various shapes represent different things:

  • An inverted triangle – represents the feminine

  • Infinity Symbol – never ending, cycles, abundance

  • Circle – unity, wholeness, cycles 

You can also print off or buy a premade grid such as the flower of life.

Write Your Intentions

On a piece of paper, write out your intention and goals of the grid. Draw a picture if you feel called to it. Name your grid and add an affirmation. Try to keep everything simple - an example would be:

[Name of Grid]: Inner Goddess

[Affirmation(s)]: I am a Goddess, I am empowered, I embody my Divine Feminine, I am worthy.

[Intention]: To get in touch with my inner Goddess, to feel more empowered, to appreciate my body, to balance my life or hormonal cycles, to know that I am worthy of everything that I desire.

[Crystals I chose for the grid]: Moonstone, Aquamarine, etc. Include why you chose these stones.

Construct Your Grid

Place the paper in the middle of your grid and place the biggest crystal you have on top of it as the centre stone. (This is not a hard and fast rule, you can use whatever stone you feel is right to have in the middle of your grid). Create the rest of the grid with the remianing stones that you have chosen, in the guiding layout you selected. Note: You can also add quartz points around the perimeter of your grid for amplification. Next, take a crystal wand or large crystal point and draw an invisible line to connect all the crystals energetically. Have your affirmation and intention in your mind and then say the affirmation as you connect the crystals. You do not physically bump the stones as you are doing this. Start with the centre stone and connect to an outer crystal then go back to the centre crystal and on to the next stone, etc. Send the grid some positive energy when you are done. 

You may keep your grid up as long as you need it. If you feel the crystals have shifted, you can reconnect them energetically with the wand again. Everyday, try to send positive thoughts and energy or reiterate the affirmation in your head our out loud when you go past your grid. 

Having a Goddess Energy grid in your space is a beautiful, physical reminder of the Goddess you are trying to embody. Have it remind you that you are worthy, you are beautiful, you are loved, and you deserve for all your dreams to come true.

Shelby Avann is the founder of The Happy Hippies Academy She is a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Podcast Host. She helps her clients become more self aware so that they take control of their own healing. 


The Book of Stones-Who They Are and What They Teach by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian with contributions by Hazel Raven

The Happy Hippies Academy Introduction to Crystal Workshops

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