How To Harness The Energy Of The Mooncycle: and why you definitely want to

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The phases of the moon can be seen to mirror our menstrual cycles. It's no coincidence that the lunar cycle is approximately 28 days long. Whether your cycle synced or not, or even if you’re on the pill, each of the phases of the moon have a special energy you can harness.

The new moon phase (days 1-6)

Like the menstrual cycle which “restarts”on the first day of blood during your period, so begins the new moon phase. This is a good time to get rid of things you don't want or need anymore and set goals for the future.

Use this phase to:

  • Marie Kondo your way to the capsule wardrobe of your dreams

  • End a toxic relationship

  • Begin your morning with an intention/journaling practice

The waxing moon phase (days 7-14)

This is when the crescent of the moon appears to be growing and it's linked to your pre-ovulatory phase. Energy is high and it's a magnetic time for creativity, starting new projects, or meeting new people.

Use this phase to:

  • Schedule important meetings for a special project

  • Go on a hot date or join a new club

The full moon (days 15-21)

This is when the face of the moon is at its most full and it corresponds to the ovulatory phase. Appropriately, you can harness the moon's energy in this stage to actively bring things in your life full circle.

Use this phase to:

  • Sign an important contract

  • Commit to resolving a problematic work or relationship issue

Hot tip: If you're not planning to conceive, make sure you're using your preferred mode of birth control at this time.

The waning moon (days 22-30)

This is when the crescent of the moon is slowly getting thinner. This phase is aligned with pre-menstruation and it's the best time for slowing down, moving inwards, tapping into your sub-conscious and intuition.

Use this phase to:

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