Spring Clearing

Energy is meant to flow. Let 'er rip with these four simple space and body clearing methods

Spring cleaning is a totally natural impulse — once winter releases its icy grip on the Western Hemisphere, there is a lot of detritus left behind. Dead leaves, and brush, even decaying animals. You would never try to plant a new garden in untended ground, so clean-up we must!

Home organizing magazines are full of totally practical methods to purge the accumulated stuff/dirt/dust from our things and spaces but below, we go beyond tidying physical places to explore four simple ways to clear stagnant or negative energy from space and body.


You’ve probably seen Himalayan Salt lamps popping up everywhere from the local health food store to your dentist office. And the science looks legit. Gentle heating of Himalayan salt with a light or flame, allows the mineral to release negative ions which can help neutralize electromagnetic radiation and attract dust, pollen and allergens from the household, thereby purifying air.

The healing properties of Himalayan salt for the body are also numerous — check out our Re-mineralizing Skin Stone to take advantage of the anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory benefits of this basic element.

Ways to clear with salt:

  • Light a Himalayan salt candle holder, Skin Stone, or salt lamp in your space,

  • Place small bowls of Himalayan salt in the corners of the room for several hours

  • Sprinkle Himalayan Salt on carpets and corners, let it absorb odours and dirt a and vacuum it up

  • Soak body or feet in a salt bath (see water cleansing method below)


Burning dried herbs or resins is a method of cleansing negative energy that has been used for centuries. Gently burning plant matter is one if the most powerful ways to release and connect with their stored energy. Some great burnables include: bundled White Sage, Pine, Thyme or Bay leaves, sustainable sourced Palo Santo or raw Frankincense resin. Because it is the smoke of these elements that purify, be sure to move it throughout the space, or over the body while using an intention like, “Allow me to move the negative energy from my space so that only the highest vibrations remain.” It's also essential to open a window or door to allow the negative vibes a pathway to escape (and give your lungs a bit of a break).

Pro tip: I see a lot of folks burning giant sage bundles. This is totally overkill. Not only do large bundles take forever to ignite AND extinguish, but it produces far too much smoke for the average space and it certainly isn’t a sustainable option. Instead, try breaking a few loose leaves off from your bundle, light the end, let it burn a few moments, and blow it out. The tip should be glowing red, with smoke coming out of it. Move the smoke over and around items, areas, or person to be cleansed while repeating your mantra.


Ever notice how relieving a simple sigh is at the end of a long day? Breathwork builds on that same sensation. It is incredibly healing and great for personal cleansing. Better yet, no tools are required, and it can be done anywhere without anyone even noticing! At it’s most basic level, breathwork is a method of intentional deep breathing. Considering that we use just a fraction of our lung capacity in our regular (involuntary) breathing, a deeper, deliberate breathing pattern can increases oxygen in our cells and help expels the stale stuff so to speak. When using breath for clearing, follow these steps:

  1. Inhale for a count of three

  2. Exhale for a count of five

  3. After the exhale, hold your breath (lack of breath) for three to five counts

  4. As you take in your next breath, consciously choose what you want to bring in to replace the old energy

Bonus Points: Improve the air in your space first with any of the above methods, or add an air purifying plant!


Literally washing the body is a great metaphor for cleansing, but submerging the physical body underwater can provide a very real energetic and spiritual release. Especially if you supercharge the water with a customized combination of crystals, minerals (salts) and restorative oils. Our favourites include our Ritual Bath Duo or a simple combo of Dead Sea Salt and high quality frankincense essential oil. If you only have a few moments to spare (or if you don't have a tub), you can prepare a simple foot bath. Soak in the water and let the bad juju literally go down the drain.

Ideally, energy cleansing is not something we do just once a year. It’s great to make it an ongoing habit whenever your home or work environment feels heavy, or your mind foggy. No method is better than the others, so the one(s) that are best are the ones that work for you and that you’re most likely to stick with! Tell us, how are you spring clearing this year?

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