What's up with Period Coaches (And Do I Need One)?

Guest contribution from Nila the Period Coach

I recently came across an Instagram post from a well respected practitioner stating that periods shouldn’t be painful. Amen sister!

Nodding in agreement, I had a quick look at the comments. What I saw shocked and saddened me. Menstruators were angry. Many were leaving comments aggressively stating that this practitioner had no idea what she was talking about - that period pain was something we have to live with and that cramps are completely normal and we just need to "suck it up." This is it, I thought. This is why the world needs Period Coaches.

I am Nila, I'm a Period Coach and I am here to tell you that suffering due to your menstrual cycle is not only completely unnecessary, it absolutely does not have to be your reality. Over the years, women have been given all sorts of misguided information regarding their monthly bleed. In the 1920’s it was thought that periods created a poison called “Menotoxin” which made flowers wilt and food go bad. Worse, this theory wasn’t even debunked until 1958!

The truth is that period problems are a symptom that cannot be solved in the same way for everyone. Your body and your cycle are not one-size-fits-all! Your entire cycle is actually a vital sign, in the same way as body temperature and rate of breathing. These vital signs show what state your body is in physically, as well as giving you hints to possible concerns or disease. Really, your cycle is telling you the story of what happened over the last month in and outside of your body, and that story is different for each woman, because we all have different habits, diets, lifestyles and routines.

That's where a Period Coach comes in. Most of the time, we don’t get called until there are some major hormonal imbalances going on; like irregular or painful periods, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), anxiety, mood swings, exhaustion, weight gain, hair loss, etc. These are symptoms most often directly related to hormonal imbalances, which is how your body is communicating with you, or alerting you that something is off. The problem is that when we are in the thick of say, a heavy and painful period, or a splitting migraine, we often can’t take a step back to evaluate what our bodies are trying to tell us. Sometimes we may have so many different symptoms we just can’t decode the message and sitting in front of Google on your lunch break or taking some random supplements hoping that they will help isn’t doing you any good.

I work with women to get to the root cause of their symptoms and get the body humming. Through in-depth analysis, lifestyle fixes and occasional lab testing I help get the body back into balance and out of a state of pain, irritability and inflammation. I help figure out what your body is saying and create easy to follow steps you can take to heal all the while cheering you on, or keeping you on track, helping you to become your own flow expert!

A part of the holistic healing process also includes tracking your periods, moods, energy levels, bowel movements, cravings, stress and sleep. These are all vitally important clues to your overall health, but understanding what they mean and what to look out for may seem a little overwhelming at first. In fact did you know that your monthly bleed isn’t even the main event? Shocker I know, but Ovulation is actually the primary event of your cycle and is something that every women should be tracking, or at least be aware of.

I believe that we should all be active participants in our health and that with the right information; you can easily find your way back to your body and a state of balance! Period Coaches are just one type of practitioner helping to revolutionize women’s wellness by taking health back into our own hands.

Nila is a Certified Women’s Health Expert specializing in a hormonal health.

For extra glow points, she is also a certified a Holistic Esthetician, Body Worker and Yoga Instructor.

To help get you to the next level she is trained in Gua Sha, Cupping, Moxibustion and Tapping (EFT). Nila is currently pursuing her Holistic Practitioner Diploma while studying to become a certified Kinesiologist. Her mission and passion in life is to educate and empower women by connecting them back to their cycles, helping to decode their symptoms, and find a natural way back to vibrant health.

Find Nila at www.periodcoach.com and on Instagram @period.coach

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