WooWoo Mama Bundle: Natural Care for Pregnancy and Postpartum

WooWoo Mama Bundle: Natural Care for Pregnancy and Postpartum


The WooWoo Mama bundle is the essential wellness gift for you, or your favourite mama-to-be. It includes three WooWoo favourites for postpartum and new baby care.


  • Herbal BathingTisane: This carefully balance blend of healing herbs and botanicals provides a soothing and restorative soak for new mama's most tender parts. Pre-measured and individually packaged, Yoni Bathing Tisane is a no-hassel, zero-mess tub soak, or concentrated sitz bath that any Mama will love.


  • Womb Stick: A super soothing lotion stick for abdominal massage and pesky postpartum cramping. We know to expect labour contractions, but what about postpartum contractions? After labour, the uterus (baby house) begins contracting back to its pre-baby size. #Momtruth - it can get a little uncomfortable. Mama won't be caught off guard with the Womb Stick on hand!


  • Shape Shifter:  Our best selling,100% natural, multi-use balm is safe for both moms and babies! 
    • For mom: chapped or cracked nipples, episiotomy healing, c-section scars, lip balm, under eye cream for tired mamas... you name it, Shape Shifter can handle it!
    • For baby: Diaper barrier balm, cradle cap, infant acne, mild skin abrasions, and excema.


Arrives beautifully packaged and ready for immediate use!

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